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No one simply joins the Marines; the title must be earned. Marine Corps Recruit Training is where the separation begins: the weak from the strong, the child from the adult, the civilian from the Marine. These 12 weeks will break away all the things that bind you to the excesses of the past. And in the end, you will become a confident member of the finest warrior-force in the world. You’ll be a United States Marine.

United in Honor, Courage and Committment
Semper Fidelis - it means always faithful. It means when you stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow Marines, you stand among family. Thousands strong, you and those beside you will own the privilege of continuing the rich heritage of dedication and honor passed down since the time this nation was born. And even after you put the uniform away, your place as a Marine will remain. You will always be counted as one of the few.

In the Practice of Patriotism
Time and time again, the Marines have been called into service to protect our nation’s interests. The Marine Corps operates around the world as America’s quick-strike expeditionary force, ready at a moment’s notice to effectively insert our warriors into any situation that calls for it. The Corps is proud to be America’s shining tip of the spear, and we are ready for the next victory. Maybe you can be one of us.

A Smart Warrior is a Strong Warrior
Imagine having the opportunities you need for a college degree, the money to afford it, and the self-discipline to be successful in the classroom. The United States Marine Corps will help you to advance your mind, your career and the Corps’ mission through education. After all, a warrior’s greatest weapon is knowledge.

Some of the Educational Opportunities available in the Marine Corps include:
  • Tuition Assistance - Covers up to $4,500 of your tuition per year while on active duty.
  • Montgomery GI Bill - Effective 2009, MGIB offers a maximum of $47,556 for education that can be used during and after your service.
  • Marine Corps College Fund - Enhanced GI Bill benefits for qualifying Marines.
  • SOCMAR (Service Members Opportunity College for the Marine Corps) - Provides opportunities for Marines deployed overseas to continue taking college courses.
  • Marine Corps Institute - A distance learning program that can earn you college credit while learning valuable military skills to help advance your career.
  • Officer Commissioning Programs - Offers qualified enlisted Marines the opportunity to become officers with an all-expenses paid education at either the U.S. Naval Academy or other NROTC-sponsoring universities.

The Marine Corps Asks a Lot and Gives a Lot Back
Marines work hard. Getting the job done demands all your effort. So the Marine Corps and United States Government go far beyond a good day’s pay to make sure you are rewarded and have enough to support yourself and your family. To that end you’ll be given opportunities and benefits unavailable to civilians. The nation depends on the Marines and Marines are rewarded for their loyalty.

Financial Security - Earn a steady income with guaranteed pay scale, receive regular pay raises, housing allowance, special duty pay and allowances, uniform allowance, and attractive retirement benefits.

Advancement - Regular and meritorious promotions based on job performance with increased responsibility for each promotion.

Benefits - 30 days paid vacation, free medical and dental, low cost life insurance, discount shopping at Marine Corps Exchanges and Commissaries, discount travel opportunities, and low rate loans through Veterans Association and Base Credit Unions.

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a United States Marine, see your local Marine Corps recruiter or contact them at 1-800-MARINES.

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Known for its exceptional academic experience and preparing students for careers, 1,200 students yearly participate in the University internship program, the largest in the NY metro area.

Mount Aloysius College
Our liberal arts core curriculum provides the necessary basis for leadership and the knowledge and skills for success in a wide range of professions.

Roger Williams University
Come for the 40+ majors, 20 varsity athletics teams and 60+ clubs and orgs, stay for the top-rated food and waterfront views.

Lesley University
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Niagara University
Niagara University emphasizes ethics, lifelong learning, and service to others to prepares for lives and careers that are both successful and fulfilling.

Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Polytechnic Institute of NYU is New York metropolitan's major educational resource in science and technology education and research.

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