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Jerry Cohen
Dean of Enrollment
305 N. Service Rd.
Dix Hills, NY 11746

Phone: 631-656-2110
Fax: 631-656-2172
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Classification: Proprietary, 2 year
Setting: Suburban
Year Established: 1972
Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education
Undergraduate Degrees: Associate's, Bachelor's
Undergraduate Enrollment: 752
Tuition: $21,185 (includes fees)
Room and Board: $13,870
Programs: (Mus.B.) Jazz/Commercial Music with concentrations in Performance, Composition/ Songwriting, Music History, Musical Theatre, Music Business, Audio Recording Technology. (Mus.B.) in Music Education. (B.P.S.) Business Management with concentration in Audio Recording Technology, Music Business, Business Management. (B.F.A.) in Film/Video Arts and Theatre Arts.  Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Childhood Education (1-6) and Mass Communication featuring Broadcasting & Journalism. Graduate Majors: (M.M.) in Jazz Commercial Music with concentration in Performance, Composition/Arranging, Music History, Music Technology, Choral Conducting, Music Education; (M.S.Ed.) in Childhood Education. Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)with majors in Music Performance, Music History and Literature, Composition and Literature and Teaching Assistant. (A.S.)in business administration. (A.A.S.) in Business Management with concentrations in Audio Recording Technology, Business Management, and Music Business. (A.A.S.) in Jazz/Commercial Music.
Special Features: Student/faculty ratio is 15:1. The recording studios at Five Towns College consist of four studio/control rooms. These facilities house the College's state-of-the-art 72 track SSL 9000J and 48-track automated Recording Studios; the Editing/Duplication Laboratory; and the Electronic Music MIDI Laboratory. Students utilize these facilities to produce professional-quality master audio recordings. The Video Art/Television Studio is multi-formatted with Beta Sp and Nonlinear production facilities. Students produce professional-level productions both in the studio and on location using portable equipment under the supervision of industry professionals. Student production, including documentaries, music videos, celebrity interviews and instructional videos are offered for airing on local TV stations and cable networks. The KORG MIDI Lab boasts the newest equipment along with the MAC Lab.
Learning happens in and out of the classroom and student life reflects the exciting, creative perspective of students and faculty. Students are involved in many social activities while on campus and our clubs and activities make Five Towns College a creative place to live and learn. Clubs and activities include: WFTU College Radio Station, College Yearbook, The Record newspaper, Art of Technique Club. Animee Club, Composition Club, Poetry Club, Circle K, Jazz Club, Rock Club, Guitar Club, Music Business Club, Music Education Club, Gospel Choir, Audio Club, RHA, open mic nights, and performing groups of nearly every genre are represented.
The Living Learning Center is a complex of four residence halls. Each room offers a private lavatory, Internet access, cable television and individual air conditioning/heating thermostats. Visit our website ( for an in-depth look at the campus and our degree programs.
Admissions Requirements:
 HS average 78 percent or better, minimum SAT score of 1350 (3 parts) or ACT score of 19,  2 letters of recommendation, personal statement, interview and entrance exam may be required, audition required for music and theatre students.
Transfer Requirements: College Transcript, Minimum GPA: 2.0
Annual Transfer Enrollment: 51-100

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