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Toni Morelli
Director of Admissions
4207 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215-222-4200 x3011
Fax: 215-222-2811
Toll Free: 877-925-6884
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Classification: Proprietary, Professional
Setting: Urban
Year Established: 1974
Undergraduate Degrees: Associate's, Bachelor's
Undergraduate Enrollment: 450
Tuition: $6,550 per term
Room and Board: $1,900 - $2,700 per term
Programs: Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management, Pastry Arts, Hotel Management.
Special Features: A 28,000-square-foot facility features a 130-seat restaurant with a 45-foot atrium ceiling. All full-time and part-time Culinary and Pastry students (A.S. degree) will participate in a seven-day tour of France, and the Management students participate in any seven-day tour of the culinary facilities of Disney World in Orlando as well as a Bahamas cruise. All Bachelor of Science students participate in a seven-day tour of England. Recently redesigned, The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College offers four of University City’s favorite restaurants among many Philadelphians. The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College has a unique housing program – with many different options from which to choose. The college offers diverse clubs and activities for all students as well as a tuition-paid iPad to facilitate in-class learning. Please contact the Office of Admissions for additional information and current dorm room rates..
Admissions Requirements: High school and/or college transcripts, standardized test scores (optional), essay (goal statement – 200-250 words), two letters of recommendation, and a personal interview. Most important is a dynamic and energetic personality driven by a passion to be a part of the hospitality industry!
Transfer Requirements: High School Transcript, College Transcript, Recommendations

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